Microhole EDM Generator

  • Controls the high voltage regulator for accurate hole size and flow
  • Senses shorts and arcs to eliminate microcracks and other defects
  • Interfaces to machine automation
  • High voltage regulator accurately maintains open circuit gap voltage
  • High Frequency output boards give excellent surface finish and quality

Microhole EDM Heads
  • Perfect geometry hole within 5 microns
  • Hole size from 0.003” to 0.020” Diameter
  • Up to 12 holes per part radially spaced
  • Flow with less than 1% variation
  • Spool or Stick Electrodes-very low cost
  • Long lasting wire guides
  • Low mass for high performance

Multi Electrode Cartridge

  • 30 Electrode Cartridge
  • Hitch Refeed
  • Set Master
  • Easy Electrode Loading
  • Simple Clamp maintenance

Shaped Holes

  • A family of shapes is required
  • Typically racetrack or fan shaped
  • Shape geometry favors tilting part rather then tilting the EDM Head


  • Shape is cut into equal volumes
  • Each section cut by orbiting X,Y while constraining max depth of EDM axis
  • Repeatable wear paramount

Saving the hole thing – Sensing to the Rescue

Excessive or untreated Shorts and Arcs will diminish EDM quality significantly and effect wear.

To prevent these problems, Sensing Parameters are set to watch for and to avoid sustaining these unwanted degrading conditions.

High Volume Microholes > Need for Speed

  • Part Throughput > 25 per hour
  • EDM Cycles Faster than 25 seconds
  • Need Fast Servo part positioning
  • Require robotic part handling

Part Input comes Full Circle

Spiral magazine holds parts for 4-6 hour automatic run

Robotic Feed and Removal

Bank of Production Machines with Flow Audit Station

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