The ONA AV has been designed to meet the highest standards of precision, surface finish and productivity. It incorporates a new CNC-CAM with touchscreen that exceeds the demands of the most advanced programmer and a new digital generator with a micro fine finishing circuit that allows for cutting speeds of up to 42 in2/hour with 0.013 inches wire and excellent surface finishes in the order of 0.10 µm Ra.

Maximum productivity: The ONA AV machines are noted for the high cutting speed (450 mm2/minute with wire of 0.33 mm diameter) and low maintenance costs, thanks to the ecological filtration system, ONA AquaPrima, which does not require replaceable cartridges. A new generator that achieves surface finishes in the region of 0.1 microns Ra

Up to 8 CNC-controlled axes: The AV models incorporate a cutting-edge CNC with a 23-inch touchscreen capable of controlling 8 axes, 7 of them simultaneously, enabling the machine to include two rotating axes entirely controlled by the CNC.(

Great versatility: Also of note is the huge versatility offered by this new family of machines for a large variety of tasks, as they are designed to operate with any type of wire; from 0.07 mm to 0.33 mm diameter.

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X-axis travel  400 mm 15.7 in
Y-axis travel 300 mm 11.8 in
Z-axis travel 250 mm 9.8 in
Worktank internal dimension 700x650x250 mm 27.6x25.6x9.8 in
U-V axes travel  120x120 mm 4.7x4.7 in
Maximum angle of conical cut (optionally ±45º) +/- 30º / 87 mm +/- 30º / 3.4 mm
Wire diameter range 0.07 – 0.33 mm 0.003 – 0.013 in
Maximum cutting speed 450 mm2/min - Ø 0.33 mm (Xcc wire) 42 in2/hr - Ø 0.013 in (Xcc wire)
Minimum roughness 0,1 µm Ra 0,1 µm Ra

X-axis travel (individual TQX) 600 mm 23.6 in
Y-axis travel 400 mm 15.7 in
Travel of the electrode holder 400 mm 15.7 in
Max. distance between table & platen 1060x750x400 mm 18.5 in
Worktank internal (*)  120x120 mm 4.7x4.7 in
Work table dimensions  +/- 30º / 87 mm +/- 30º / 3.4 mm
Allowable weight on table 0.07 – 0.33 mm 0.003 – 0.013 in
Maximum electrode weight 450 mm2/min - Ø 0.33 mm (Xcc wire) 42 in2/hr - Ø 0.013 in (Xcc wire)
Intensity of the generator 0,1 µm Ra 0,1 µm Ra


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