MH5D Production Diesel Microhole EDM Machine
Designed for volume production of fuel injectors, fuel metering components and other parts requiring precisely placed small holes with repeatable flow characteristics, the AAEDM MH5D microhole machine features intuitive operation, easy setup and maintenance and solid construction for long life. Its five axes can be configured
either for single part load or for up to eight hours of continuous unattended operation. Multiple hole sizes can be accommodated in a single pass without the need to change the machine setup. The EDM performance is monitored on every hole so that defective parts can be unloaded to a reject bin and do not enter the normal
production flow. Options include a flow stand to monitor resulting flow rates, an integrated laser marking and data logging system.

Optional water dielectric systems are available. If you need precision holes in a reliable, simple to use machine with a small footprint look no further than the AAEDM MH5D series of production EDM machines.


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