K Factor (Reverse Taper) EDM Head for Microholes

Our K Factor EDM Head is used to make reverse taper holes and can be used with all AAM microhole generators by replacing the standard microhole EDM head and bracket with the K Factor EDM head and adding a control package and software upgrade. It's small, lightweight, durable, easy to install and easy to use—an economical way to add versatility, and productivity, to your existing machines.
Its patent pending design assures long life and easy maintenance. AAEDM’s K Factor head will help you meet your current and future needs - out of the box.


  • K Factors up to 5 can be programmed!
  • K Factor can change with depth - to get a uniform taper
  • Speed of orbit can change with depth
  • Dual-axis capability for hole shaping - not just round tapered holes!
  • Multiple patterns from conical to semi conical to irregular
  • Holes can be straight on one edge and reverse tapered on the other
  • Parts can have a combination of straight and K-Factor holes!


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