FLS1 High Pressure Flow Stand

The AA EDM FLS1 is a free standing, manual load, high pressure oil flow stand used to test the flow rates of diesel fuel injectors, fuel metering components and other parts requiring precise flows.

It is based upon our years of experience designing high production Microhole EDM machines with integrated flow test and adaptive control. With this design we have raised the bar for high pressure oil flow testing. It is designed for ease of use with intuitive touch screen controls along with simple fixture change over to handle many different parts. You create a simple program that selects the flow rate and pressure you need, or if you desire a pre test back flush, and the measurement flow direction. Then simply press the palm buttons and the test is executed.

The flow results are saved to a data log that can be sent to a USB thumb drive, a network or just saved locally. A 2-D bar code reader is available if you wish to scan the part and automatically select the flow program.


  • Test Pressure upto 10Mpa
  • Flow rates upto 16kg/min
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1% of range
  • Pre-Test back flush
  • Easy part changeover
  • Intuitive operation via industrial touch screen computer with Windows
  • Easy interface to customer automation
  • Test pressure and temperature automatically controlled
Loading Height 40" [1020mm]
Overall Size 37" [940mm] W
64" [1625mm] L
80" [2025mm] H
Clamping Stroke 4" [100mm]
Approx. Weight 2500 lbs [1135Kg]
Motors 5hp for test fluid pressure
1hp for hydraulic circulation
Indicators Temperature and fluid levels are displayed on HMI and assorted liquid filled gauges
Filtration High pressure, 3µm
Low pressure, 1µm
Canister type with dirty filter indicator
Cooling Water/Oil type heat exchanger sized to remove heat at maximum ambient temperature of 40°C, requires chilled water input.
5 bar minimum input pressure
Input power 200-480v AC,
3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 25/50A
Equipped with automatic
pressure release
Discrete I/O 24VDC for optional
customer automation
Equipped with input pressure switch
to insure incoming pressure is
suitable for operation
Maximum Test Pressure 100 Bar (10MPa) or 1450psi
Flow Rate Range 300gto16kg/min
Calibration Fluid Temperature Range 20 to 40°C controlled to ±1.5°C
Calibration Fluid Various
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Allen Bradley
Human Machine Interface (HMI) 12” Industrial touch screen PC running MS Windows
Remote Connectivity Ethernet, Bar code reader, parallel I/O (options)
Data Collection Production data logging, Ethernet, Flash Drives

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