Large CNC Aerospace Fasthole EDM Machine

Designed for production of holes and/or slots in large
aerospace components, this machine can handle the complex geometry found in aircraft combustion liners, industrial turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes and heat shield segments as well as other parts requiring precisely placed holes with repeatable flow characteristics. The Large CNC Fasthole EDM machine features intuitive operation, easy setup and maintenance and solid construction for long life. Its five-axis positioning capability, tool changer (up to 24 positions) and part probing make it a natural for complex jobs. The machine features an easy to use CNC and EDM generator combination running under Windows XP for ease of use and operator familiarity.

The EDM capacity of 60 or 120 amps allows for large deep
holes, and its high speed design does this with very low recast. Automatic breakthrough detection allows holes into areas where back wall impingement must be avoided. EDM
performance is monitored on every hole so that problems can be detected before the part is removed from the machine. EDM process data can be logged for further analysis.

If you need precision holes in a reliable, simple to use machine look no further than the AAEDM Series 200 production EDM machines.


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